Cringleford & Eaton Historical Society Photograph Gallery


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Copies of these photos are available from Cringleford Historical Society (other than where alternative copyright is stated). The price is £10 for all sizes up to 11"x8" (approx) including postage.

Eaton Village
A brilliant selection of photos include a glimpse of Edward VII's car in 1909!

Cringleford Church
Some very early photographs of the church prior to restoration in 1905 together with many more recent photos.

Cringleford Mill
Graphic photographs of the 1916 fire that destroyed much of the original Mill leaving just the Mill House as we know it today.

Cringleford Bridge
For many years this historic bridge over the Yare was the gateway to Norwich. As the photos show this short journey has at times proven to be extremely hazardous.

Keswick Road
These early photos bear many similarities to today!

Cringleford Green
Over the years the Green has been the centre of many celebrations. Do you recognise yourself on any of these photographs?