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Cringleford & Eaton Historical Society Publications


The Society has published several books of information from our archives providing detail of life in Cringleford over the years.

All the publications below can be obtained by post from Roger Bellinger, 9, Aspen Way, Cringleford, Norwich, NR4 6UA. Cheques should be made out to Cringleford Historical Society.

These first 2 books are also available from Cringleford Church together with a Church Leaflet costing 30p. All other books below can be obtained at Cringleford Post Office, Intwood Road, Cringleford.

A Brief History of Cringleford
2003; 11pp; £1.00 (or £1.85 inc. P&P)

This is an outline guide to the history of the village and includes a map by John Goodwin of the village in 1571.

The History of St. Peterís Church,

Cringleford 1986; 38pp; £1.50 (or £2.35 inc P & P)

A collection of all that is known about the church, covering the fabric, furnishings and development of St.Peterís. There are sections on the bells, monuments, glass, plate and a list of the Incumbents.

Cringleford Over the Years;
1997; 32pp; £5.95  (or £7.70 inc P & P)

ISBN 0953011607 The late Ken Terry, a founder member of the Society, collected many old photographs and postcards of Cringleford and took modern photographs to accompany them. This book contains some of the best and most interesting.
Cringleford Within Living Memory;

1993; 66 pp; £4.50 (or £5.50 inc P & P)
ISBN 0953011617

This was the last and most ambitious work of Ken Terry. It complements the photographs contained in Cringleford Over the Years by providing reminiscences of people who lived in the village during the same period.

A History of Intwood and Keswick;

1998; 72pp; £5.95 (or £6.95 inc P & P ) ISBN 0953011623

This book celebrated the 400th anniversary of the joining of the two parishes in 1598. The villages were home to families of national and local importance, such as the Greshams and Hobarts of Intwood Hall and the Gurneys of Keswick.
Memories of Intwood and Keswick;

2001; 109pp; £5.95 (or £6.95 inc P & P ) ISBN 0953011631

The memories of people who lived in or near the two villages are contained in this interesting collection of stories about life in rural parishes on the outskirts of Norwich.

A History of Cringleford School;

2014; 96pp; £7.00 (or £8.00 inc P & P ) ISBN 978-0-9530116-8-1

This book brings together the the story of the "old" school from 1943 to the present day and incorporates historical material and anecdotal pieces from many who still live locally.

Memories of Extraordinary Childhoods, 1939 Ė 1945;

2005; 46pp; £4.95 (or £6.75 inc P & P)

This book was the result of a project for the year which saw the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. It contains the war-time stories of villagers who lived through the period.

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Cringleford Families, 1850 -1950;

2006; 55pp; £4.50 (or £6.25 inc P & P) ISBN 095301164X

Six members of the Society combined to produce articles about ten families who spent all or part of the century in the village. The families are those of Cannell, Candler, Patteson, Taylor, Harmer, Gilbert, Hinde, Rice, Lemmon and Tusting
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