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The Cringleford Parish Plan 2011

cringleford plan
The Parish Council is required to comment on the planning policies put forward by the Greater Norwich Development Partnership and South Norfolk District Council, as well as on the planning applications for specific developments such as Round House Park. As comments are often required at short notice, the Parish Council has sometimes felt at a disadvantage in representing the interests of residents to best advantage.  Despite the 2006 Parish Plan, recent events have shown the need for the strategic guidance, which can be provided by a parish plan aimed at managing future housing development in the parish. This document seeks to provide that guidance. It sets out the planning framework within which management decisions have to be made on behalf of the parish. It describes the location of the parish and summarizes the historical development of its built environment. The physical and social characters of the parish are then appraised. These sections provide a solid basis for setting out not only a vision for the future of Cringleford but also the development issues that must be addressed for it to be realised.

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