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Cringleford Lunch Club

The Lunch Club was started in October 1983 by Mrs Jean Glasbey.  The idea was that retired Cringleford residents could meet for a chat over a meal.  In the beginning this was a monthly event but, by popular demand, soon became weekly.

Now the Lunch Club meets every Tuesday during school terms at 12.30 in the Cringleford Church Hall Centre.  A three course meal, followed by tea or coffee, is served.  Currently the charge is £5.00 which covers the cost of hiring the hall, the food and replacement of equipment as necessary.  All the cooks and drivers are volunteers and the Club is non-profit making.

You do not have to come to lunch every week (but most people do!) and can ask for small portions if you wish.  Transport to and from the Church Hall can be provided if necessary.

If you feel you would like to join us, please phone Isobel Brewin on 01603 503770.

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