Trades & Services Directory

Trade and Services Directory

We are in the proces of completely updating our information on services to Cringleford. The reasons for this is twofold:

  1. This section has become very popular and needed a more efficient way of displaying information
  2. As from next year we will link much more closely with the Cringleford Parish magazine advertisers. We will be contacting the advertisers soon to explain what is happening with the magazine

We will continue to provide this as a free service for the foreseeable future.

Note to advertisers

Many of the current adverts are taken directly from the parish magazine and are hence black & white. If you would like to change the information displayed please let us know and we will attend to it quickly. For information please note the information relating to size below.

Clearly if you would like to be included in a different section we will be happy to move your advert.

For more information contact

If you are involved with a club or any social activity that you would like to publicise on this web site please contact us and we will be pleased to help. This site is non profit making and hence no charge is made for advertising Cringleford and Eaton activities